6 Ways to Address Patient-Grievance at your Dialysis Clinic

A Simple Patient-Centered Checklist for your Dialysis Clinic!

Has your dialysis clinic established a system of trust with your patients? Lack of trust is a major barrier to patient-centered care. So, if your answer is no or even unsure, here are some ways you could keep your patients happy and decrease grievances:

  1. Practice sound follow through:  Hear a patient complaint? Look into it immediately and find the root cause! Develop rounding script as well by encouraging staff to ask 3 to 4 questions that can efficiently elicit patient concerns. When you develop an action plan, make sure the new process will prevent same concerns in the future
  2. Invest in a paid or volunteer ‘communication coach’: A communication coach is someone who will (a) focus on patients’ needs, and (b) coach staff on effective communication that elicits patients’ concerns & needs. If your clinic needs some extra help turn to external assistance such as local church volunteers or college students!
  3. Strengthen staff education: Develop a guide that explains common concerns your staff is likely to hear! Pair this with an easy-to-read list of possible ways to address each patient grievance. Educate your staff on this guide and make sure it is easily accessible to everyone!
  4. Create a culture of ‘customer service’: Creating a culture of patient-centeredness means incorporating it in every action! What does that look like for your clinic? Things like explaining the procedure to the patient before performing a task and frequently checking in with the patient. Reinforce that your clinic’s priorities lie with your patients and their needs.
  5. Form ‘clinical communities’: Wondering where to find external support? Don’t feel shy to consult other dialysis professionals in the area to compare notes and provide solutions for common patient/ provider concerns!
  6. Measure patient experience: Every manager should know and understand how your current process is working to keep patients happy! Do this measuring in house to ensure proper evaluation.

Do you want financial success for your dialysis center? Patient satisfaction is directly tied to your monetary successes so keep it on the forefront of your clinic’s priorities! Keeping your patient satisfied with your services is a win-win for everyone involved, and above all, it’s the right thing to do!

For a patient grievance form template or more information on patient satisfaction within your dialysis facility, use the contact form below to get in touch with us.

For more information patient satisfaction within your dialysis facility, use the contact form below to get in touch.

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