Daily Huddles: Bring Your Team Together

Daily Huddles: Bring Your Team Together

Daily huddles are effective in patient care and has been practiced in hospitals and other healthcare systems to provide good quality patient care. It helps the team communicate more efficiently and be involved in all things that matter in caring for the patients. It also promotes teamwork among the first-line staff and the leadership.

With that being said here are some tips on how to conduct daily hurdles that are effective and efficient.

1. Keep them short, preferably 15 minutes or less. You lose the attention of your people with longer meetings or long discussions.
2. Set the time to discuss per patient or per topic. For example, allot five minutes to discuss hospitalizations for that day and five minutes for no-shows.
3. Keep the agenda consistent so that the team come prepared.
4. Use printed reports on the metrics to aid with quick discussion.
5. Ensure there is representation from all departments of the clinic to cover all areas that affect patient care and smooth operation of the clinic.
6. Let the first-line staff take the lead because they spend most time with the patients and be able to bring patient’s perspective to discussions.
7. Allot time to report back on any pending issues so that problems are solved to completion and prevented in the future.
8. Take a minute to recognize staff members who went extra mile to make it easy for the staff or for the patient.
10. prepare minutes of the daily hurdles and communicate with the rest of the team via email or posting in the break room.

When done on regular basis and with as many members of the team as possible, daily huddles will improve staff engagement and get better results.

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