Improve Patient Care & Outcomes During COVID-19 Crisis

In this critical time with COVID-19 spread, everyone needs to be proactive in preventing illness. Older adults, particularly those with chronic conditions are identified by CDC as the vulnerable population to be affected by the virus. ESRD patients are at extremely high risk for this infection due to frequent exposure as they receive dialysis, low immunity associated with ESRD, and lack of knowledge or adequate practice of infection prevention lifestyle. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the dialysis providers to keep your patients safe and healthy.

  • Some of the ways to manage your patients’ care and deflect Emergency Room visits include:
    Waiting room:
    o Encourage your patient to arrive to dialysis clinic on time and avoid having them wait in the waiting room. This will minimize the exposure to others in the waiting room.
    o Maintain 6-feet or more distance between the chairs in the waiting room, if you are unable to take a patient in for treatment immediately.
    o Provide sanitizer wipes in the room – place them in a place that is visible to all from every corner of the room or place several in different places of the room, if the waiting room is bigger.
    o Wipe down the chair between the patients or at a minimum, periodically.
    Treatment room:
    o Ensure the chairs are 6-feet or more apart from each other
    o Display selfcare guidelines prominently throughout the treatment room for patients to read and understand. Enquire patient if any questions on how to do selfcare in preventing COVID-19 infection
    o If the patient shows symptoms such as fever, cough, sneezing, and/or GI distress, please provide treatment in isolation room
    o Check with patient if he or she is exposed to someone with COVID-19 or places where COVID-19 existed. If so, take special care to maintain the distance between the patient and others
    o Ensure patient washed hands for full 20 seconds and covered all areas of his/her hands
    o Staff to wear mask, and if available, provide mask for patients too
    o Anytime patient touches face or other parts of the body, encourage to use sanitizer and clean hands
    • Patient bathroom
    o Display guidelines on 20-seconds hand washing on the bathroom door and near the mirror inside the bathroom
    o Place a sanitizer container next to the bathroom door. Display a note above the container requesting the patients to use it before and after using the bathroom
  • Educate, educate, and educate your staff and patients on the signs and symptoms of COVID-19. Request them that they need to let you know if they are exposed directly or indirectly (a family member exposed to someone with COVID-19) so that proper precautions are taken to limit the spread.
    For more information on COVID-19, please visit CDC website by clicking here.

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