Ten Steps To Engage And Build Rapport With Patients

Ten Steps to Engage and Build Rapport with Patients

    • Introduce yourself and your role while caring for dialysis patients at each encounter until the patient knows you
    • Face your patient while speaking, as oppose to the dialysis machine or your note pad. Address with their name frequently to keep them engaged in the conversation
    • While talking or instructing on health related subject, make sure that your body language is projecting the same message. For instance, don’t frown as you say “You look good today!”
    • Address your patient’s needs first and then talk about your agenda about the dialysis treatment. This helps with getting their full attention and in receptive mode
    • Put every request from the patient in writing, whether it is dialysis related or not, so that you understand it correctly and follow through to completion
    • Minimize interruptions while talking to patients, such as the dialysis machine alerts, etc., to keep the patient's full attention on you
    • Provide simple instruction in an orderly fashion, as opposed to two or three things at the same time. For example, don’t say “sit up straight, roll up your sleeve, and don’t move” all at once. Instead, start with requesting to sit up straight and provide the next instruction at the completion of first request 
    • Understand and acknowledge frustration through verbal and non verbal cues (through appropriate touch, nodding, and positive statements and encouragements)
    • If patient have to wait on you, apologize and let them know the approximate time you will be serving them
    • Always end the conversation with a "thank you" for taking the time to talk with you and let them know how much you value their trust in you

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