Dialysis Centers

We are passionate about helping our clients provide high quality care to their patients. We follow these steps to achieve positive results:

Gap Assessment: Investigate the processes, policies, and people to identify any gaps. Then find the reasons for not being able to achieve the desired results

Process development: Together we set goals that would help achieve desired results. Develop new processes or modify/update current processes as a means to achieve the set goals

Implement and Train: Implement the new and improved processes in a planned manner that includes educate and train the people involved on the new processes

Evaluate and update: Evaluate the results and update as needed until the desired results are achieved and maintained

Areas Where We Help: QIP Score, CMS Star rating, CAHPS Score improvement, Staff Development, and overall patient care process improvement.

By partnering with us you can expect increased quality measures score, decreased time spent on reporting, and improved patient experience.

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