Long Term Care Centers

Palmarius assists you to provide quality services that promotes cost savings and increased revenue. Whether starting in-house dialysis services or improve nutrition and dining services, we help further your efforts to provide optimal coordination of care and staff competency enhancement, which in turn makes excellence in care possible.

We follow these steps to achieve positive results for our clients:

    • Gap Assessment: Investigate the processes and practice and identify any gaps or reasons for not being able to achieve the results
    • Program or process development: Based on the needs develop the program or update the process that improves resident care coordination
    • Implement and Train: Implement the new and improved processes or program after educating and training the people involved
    • Evaluate and update: Evaluate the results and update as needed until the desired results are achieved and maintained

Areas Where We Help: Facilitate dialysis or become Medicare-certified dialysis provider, Nutrition therapy, and optimize Food Service Operations.

By partnering with us you can expect improved care coordination, increased revenue and decreased costs

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