Resident Experience

Person-centered care is proven to improve the quality of life for residents, and bring positive clinical outcomes. Our goal is to partner with you and bring a customized education program for your staff that empowers them towards caring for the residents/patients in such a way that it improves clinical outcomes consistently and impact resident experience.

Palmarius Consulting brings several years of experience developing patient programs that achieved positive outcomes and cost savings with over a 90% success rate. Increase your resident satisfaction through:

  • Investigate frequently reported grievances to find the root causes and then put processes in place to prevent such concerns in the future
  • Appoint a staff volunteer to be the 'communication coach' who (a) spends some time every week to address residents’ needs (b) coach the residents on communicating needs and staff on listening skills to decrease any gaps
  • Create a culture of ‘customer service’ by incorporating customer service attitude in everything you do. For example, ask for resident feedback on meals during meal time with simple open-ended questions.
  • Strengthen staff education. For example, develop a ‘troubleshooting guide’ explaining common residents' concerns and possible ways to address them in an easy to read format and make it accessible for staff.


Advantages Of Palmarius Staff Education

Regulatory Compliance

Our curriculum includes topics related to meeting the requirements set by CMS and promote the culture of safety. 

Improved Resident Experience

Increase sense of accountability and sensitivity to residents' needs through customized coaching while spending fraction of time spent currently.

Decrease Staff Turnover

Provide right tools and resources to improve staff efficiency that creates job satisfaction and decrease staff turnover rate.

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