Quality Management

Quality Management should not be a burden on your organization, but an asset to your pursuit of better access, quality, and costs for your patients. We partner with you, combining your knowledge of the medical practice with our experience enhancing quality management in various healthcare settings, to bring opportunities at each level from reception through the medical and billing departments.

Palmarius Consulting brings over 10 years of experience helping medical practices achieve positive outcomes and cost savings with over a 90% success rate.

Advantages Of Palmarius Quality Management & Reporting

Below are results we achieved with past facilities.

Shared Risk/Savings Program
Smoother Operations

Decreased lag time from the patient checking in to leaving the office, optimized medication reconciliation process, decreased no-show rate.

Business Development

Build alliances with organizations in the community that affect your patient care, including hospitals and long-term care centers.

Faster Billing

Optimized appeals process for denials, decreased time spent on preauthorizations.

Patient Experience
Education & Coaching

Learning materials appropriate for the patient demographics and techniques such as "Teach Back, Speak Up" were implemented, engaging patients in their care and painting the medical practice as a trusted resource.

Customer Service

Staff were able to provide better service to the patients passing through the practice without spending extra time.

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Optimize Your Quality Management & Reporting